F04 B – Digital Complete Dentures… Not Conventionally Processed Dentures Anymore – Just Better! HANDS-ON course

Course Summary

Afternoon session (limited attendance) provides hands-on demonstrations and exercises to establish initial competency in modification of a master impression tray in preparation for the master impressions. Hands-on exercises continue to establish initial competency for Wagner Try-in technique to established required denture stability, esthetics, tooth display, correct occlusal plane, and proper vertical dimension of occlusion recording to successfully complete this hybrid wax try-in. All hands-on exercises described in depth in presentation and reinforced with one-on-one demonstration as needed. Scanning of digital workflow steps will be presented and then demonstrated if scanner is readily available. The knowledge and skill sets presented in both sessions are required to facilitate the move from Conventional Complete Denture fabrication to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). The training sessions should provide the necessary background, skill sets, and workflows to accomplish this goal. 

Target Audience:

Dentists, Dental Laboratory Technicians, Dental Assistants, others interested in digital dentistry. 


Historically, complete denture therapy has provided clinically acceptable results, however, advances in digital technology have provided new treatment fabrication methods and restorative choices. The morning presentations will cover the key essential ingredients to the success of digitally fabricated dentures and several fabrication methods to achieve it. The afternoon session will also take the learner into several hands-on sessions that will allow for actual trial of the steps in this digital workflow. The learner will modify impression trays for developing high quality master impressions and then will modify the Wagner Try-in tooth set-up where they will learn to evaluate and adjust the teeth as needed following an easy checklist of requirements. Scanning of digital workflow steps will be presented and then demonstrated if scanner is readily available. It will also show the learner how to convert any stage of the conventional denture technique to the digital denture technique to achieve a digital outcome. The dentist and/ or dental laboratory technician may be able to use this information to convert current conventional denture practitioners to becoming a digital denture user.

At the conclusion of the educational programs, learners will be able to:

  1. Describe fundamentals of digitally fabricated dentures compared to analog dentures.
  2. Describe the reference denture and Wagner techniques of digital denture fabrication.
  3. Competently: modify master impression tray for use; modify/finalize a Wagner try-in.
  4. Discuss the conversion opportunities between conventional and digital fabrication.
  5. Describe scanning of digital workflow steps if scanner is available.
  6. Be prepared to start your next denture patient using the digital denture workflow.

CE Credit Hours = 3

AGD Code: 670

Assistants Dentist Lab