T04 A – Billing and Coding Compliance & Increased Profits through Proper billing and coding

Are You Prepared for an Insurance Audit? Insurance companies look for any reason to deny or delay claims.

The number of dental offices being audited by insurance companies grows each year. Did you know that insurance companies can “extrapolate” how many instances of overbilling you may have done without ever stepping foot in your office, resulting in huge financial recoveries from your check book to the insurance company’s? Dental offices need to be aware of the rules regarding submitting insurance claims, collecting co-pays and deductibles and what insurance fraud departments are looking for. By billing and coding using proper codes and techniques, your office can grow its profits, maximize your patients’ insurance benefits and decrease the risk of an insurance audit. Attendees of this course report increased profits, huge savings on claims filing and increased patient satisfaction immediately upon completing this course.


  1. Discuss how to conduct a HIPAA-compliant risk analysis
  2. Review the new HITECH Act and how it changes HIPAA compliance
  3. Discover how HIPAA and the HITECH Act applies to business associates
  4. Examine the current status of the Privacy Rule and what requirements must be met
  5. Identify how to recognize a breach of security and how to respond/minimize exposure
  6. Understand which breaches must be reported to the DHHS and to your patients
  7. Discuss the key requirements to avoid HIPAA liability
  8. Learn how civil and criminal penalties have increased and what the government is doing to increase enforcement efforts

Ce Credit Hours = 3* (Not Scientific Course)