T03 B – Cone Beams, Lasers and Other Technology: Part II

No matter how many years you have been in practice, there is a need for you to know more. There is also a need for you to do more. Come and see how various technologies will open the door to more. You will see how easy it is to use and understand CBCT 3D x-ray, how beneficial lasers can be for you and your patients and how computerized occlusal management reveals the limitations and inaccuracy of occlusal indicating paper. You will diagnose more pathology, provide more accurate and long lasting treatments, and generate more for yourself and your practice, year after year.


  1. How to utilize CBCT as a diagnostic tool for all comprehensive treatment plans
  2. CBCT and implants – YES – but it is much more than just implants
  3. CBCT and prognosis – what is the correlation?
  4. How to use lasers to add additional procedures including new application.
  5. Learn the various laser wavelengths and why CO 2 is preferred by dentists and hygienists
  6. See multiple laser procedures performed with tips and tricks
  7. The limitations of occlusal indicating paper – is a large mark high force?
  8. Why delayed occlusal contact on implants is important, not taking it out of occlusion
  9. How to protect ceramic restorations from unrecognized occlusal forces

CE Credit Hours = 3