T02 A – Optimizing Restorative & Implant Success – The Critical Role of Soft Tissue & Bone in Predictable Restorative Dentistry: PART I

Restorative dental teams are challenged daily with high patient expectations related to ideal aesthetic restorations and their long-term cosmetic success. We find that in many cases, our results are restorative “home-runs”, but right around the corner we are challenged with unexpected complications that frustrate both the patient and the entire dental team. This program will explore the critical role that the underlying bony foundation and the soft drape play in “framing” natural teeth and restorative components for today’s cosmetic demands. This presentation will tie in the slow deterioration of bone around natural teeth to its role in compromising the soft tissue surrounding critical restorations and implant supported prostheses. Key approaches will be discussed that will help the entire team understand the steps required for maintenance of bone around teeth and implants and approaches that available to improve restorative predictability in compromised regions.


  1. Restorative dentists will be provided with a step-by-step process that can be used in treatment planning and case management to assure that each case can be completed and maintained at the cosmetic level expected by their patients.
  2. Dental hygienists play a critical role in maintaining the delicate soft tissue health around crowns and implants, but they often must deal with inflammation and tissue related issues that challenge even the most experienced clinician. This program will provide insight into the underlying problems that lead to inflammation around restorations and implants and approaches that can be used to make daily clinical practice less stressful.
  3. The entire dental team will have new insights into advances in soft tissue and bone management that ultimately lead to better and more predictable restorative outcomes and better patient satisfaction.

CE Credit Hours 3