T01 B – Medical Myths in Dentistry + Epinephrine in the “Cardiac” Patient

Course Summary

Medical Myths in Dentistry: This presentation will describe several medical conditions which have typically carried dental implications such as the need for antibiotic prophylaxis, the use of supplemental steroids or the alteration of anticoagulant medications prior to delivering dental care. Literature will be presented to support or dispel these common beliefs.

Epinephrine in the “Cardiac” Patient: This presentation will present current and classic literature regarding the use of epinephrine as part of local anesthetic administration in the patient with cardiac abnormalities. The discussion will include recommendations regarding safe use of epinephrine in these patients.

Following completion of this presentation, the participant will be able to:

Medical Myths in Dentistry:

  1. Understand when supplemental oxygen is and is not indicated.
  2. Understand when supplemental steroids are and are not indicated.
  3. Understand when antibiotic prophylaxis is and is not indicated.
  4. Understand when anticoagulants should and should not be altered.

Epinephrine in the “Cardiac” Patient:

  1. Describe pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of epinephrine used in local anesthetics.
  2. Describe specific cardiac conditions posing lesser or greater risk with the use of epinephrine.
  3. Make good clinical decisions regarding the use of epinephrine in patients with varying degrees of cardiac disease.

CE Credit Hours = 3

AGD Code: 340

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