T01 B – Indirect Elective Cosmetic and Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

In this ½ day seminar, Dr. Nash will illustrate numerous ways he uses indirect ceramic restorations to enhance smiles and to restore teeth. No preparation, minimal preparation, standard preparation, 360-degree laminates and “taco shell” veneers will be illustrated in step-by-step fashion. Re-lamination of ceramic crowns with laminate veneers to prevent the need for restoration replacement will be shown. All ceramic onlays, crowns and bridges will be

illustrated. Clinical indications and preparation design will be discussed and placement technique will be shown using actual case studies. Maxillary and mandibular indications will be outlined and illustrated. Dr. Nash will show how he uses indirect laminate veneers, crowns, bridges and implant restorations.


In this program the participant will:

  1. Be introduced to case types where indirect ceramic restorations were used by Dr. Nash
  2. Be shown examples where no preparation to full preparation laminates were used
  3. Be shown how Dr. Nash performs the clinical procedures to diagnose, treatment plan and produce the restorations

CE Credit Hours = 3