T01 A – Direct Composite Resin in General Practice

In this half day seminar, Dr. Nash discusses modern composite resins and their use in clinical practice. From Class I, II, III, IV, V, and VI direct restorations to complete direct composite veneers, these procedures are in demand by our patients. Restorative and elective cosmetic procedures are possible with today’s materials and techniques. While clinical technique is of the highest importance, new materials make the process more predictable and excellent esthetics are more easily achieved. Dr. Nash will illustrate composite restorative and elective cosmetic treatment using actual clinical cases he performed on his patients.


The participant will:

  1. See illustrations of composite resin restorations
  2. Hear a discussion of modern composite resins
  3. See step by step procedures for all types of direct composite restorations

CE Credit Hours = 3