F04 A – Social Media & App Based Strategies to Enhance the Dental Practice: Part I

In a majority of dental practices, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) are commonly misused, underutilized, or worse, not adopted at all. This course will outline how to properly use social media and commonly used smartphone applications in order to market your practice, educate patients, increase treatment acceptance, and even enhance your clinical work.

Your days of paying large social media marketing companies hundreds of dollars per month for generic, unengaging content are over.


  1. Learn how to utilize social media in order to network with dental colleagues, educate existing patients, increase treatment plan acceptance, and bring new patients to your practice
  2. Learn how to use social media to enhance your clinical work and stay current on the latest dental materials, techniques, and technologies
  3. Learn how to properly engage on different social media platforms
  4. Learn what type of content you should be posting, and how to post it properly, maximizing user interaction and minimizing risk
  5. Learn how to use common smartphone applications (i.e. LYFT/Uber, Spotify, etc.) to increase potential patient exposure

CE Credit Hours = 3* (Not Scientific Course)