F02 B – Implant Therapy and the RDH; Why Implants & Peri-implant Tissues May Have Issues

Course Summary

In addition to providing maintenance for previously placed dental implants, the dental hygienist frequently confers with patients who are considering implant therapy as an option to replace missing teeth. This course will review maintenance for implants with healthy Peri-implant tissues and implants presenting with Peri-implant disease. To facilitate a better understanding of why peri-implant disease occurs, the overall process of implant dentistry including the basics of surgical placement, bone grafting, prosthetic options, anatomical concerns, systemic concerns and risk factors will be reviewed.

Course Objectives

  1. Review and assess Techniques and instrumentation for implant maintenance
  2. Review anatomical concerns and systemic factors associated with implant therapy
  3. Describe the etiology, clinical appearance and management of problematic implants

CE Credit Hours = 3

AGD Code: 690

Dentist Hygiene