F01 A – I have It…You Need It! Materials & Techniques that Move us from Reparative to Restorative Dentists! Part 1

Course Summary

This program is about real dentistry for real people by a real dentist! You will learn the various aspects of moving from Reparative dentistry to Restorative dentistry! Dr. Glazer will present a potpourri of the materials and techniques that he uses to make the day more productive, easier and fun! The entire dental team will benefit from learning together about the latest products that will save you money and greatly benefit your patients. Dr. Glazer’s bi-monthly column by the same title appears in DENTAL ECONOMICS magazine where he reviews new products and materials.

Topics may include:

  • Anesthesia…giving an “ouchless” injection
  • Bioactivity v. Biomimicry & Antibacterial materials
  • Moving from Raparative Dentistry to Restorative Dentistry
  • Curing lights…to light up your life (dental)
  • Desensitiztion & Adhesives…a sticky subject made simple
  • Composites for esthetic fillings not just white ones
  • Impression materials and trays…it’s true..first impressions are important
  • Provisional materials…provisionals should look great
  • Burs…so many and so little time
  • Lasers…simple, easy and quick w/ great results
  • Cements…that which holds the relationship together
  • Reducing Sensitivity with topical paste application & Fluoride varnishes
  • Sectionals & Rings for perfect, predictable contacts every time
  • Whitening systems…that work
  • Oral cancer prevention…dentists can save lives!
  • Patient communication…high-tech and really cool!
  • Cameras intra and extraoral
  • Going Digital..Scanner, Radiography & Cavity Detection…simple & easy !
  • Loupes, instruments, equipment potpourri
  • Saving money for you and your patients with new management applications

Course Objectives

  1. To learn the different types of materials in various product categories
  2. To learn what is faster, easier and better
  3. To understand the value of continual doctor/patient communication and management apps
  4. To understand how to utilize many of the newer bioactive/biomimicry materials that move us from reparative dentistry to restorative dentistry

CE Credit Hours = 3

AGD Code: 250

Assistants Dentist Front Desk