F01 A – TMJ and Airway-Directed Orthodontic Treatment: The Important Role of Orthodontics in Management of TMJ and Airway Issues Part 1 – Using CBCT and MRI for Accurate Diagnosis

Recent advancements in technology and research have allowed dentists to understand the role underlying conditions, including temporomandibular joint and airway disorders, play in the development of malocclusion. Armed with this knowledge, orthodontists have a unique opportunity to not only determine the root cause(s) of the malocclusions we see in our practices, but to also contribute to the design of interdisciplinary treatment plans directed at benefiting TMJ and airway health and stability. Through case presentations and overview of current research, this lecture will provide a complete picture on how to use CBCT and MRI technologies to identify, diagnose, and categorize patients based on risk level and expectations prior to treatment.


Upon completion of this course, attendees should be able to:

  1. Recognize the signs of TMJ and disorders in our everyday patients, and the role that TMJ disorders play in the development of their malocclusion and airway issues
  2. Know when to order appropriate diagnostic imaging, including CBCT and MRI, to diagnose TMJ conditions

Ce Credit Hours = 3